Every Journey Starts with One Step

Happy Sunny Saturday!  I woke this morning with an epiphany ~ every journey we decide to take starts with one step. That one step can be anything. Amazing to think isn’t it?.. Today my one step is mindset. Out with the toxic combination that has been fueling my body and mind. What does that mean, this morning I opened my refrigerator looking for something to have for breakfast and as I perused thru the variety of choices I realized the healthy choice options I had were so very scarce. Enter an AHA moment.. WOW no wonder my energy level is low, reading thru the content of each item really made my stomach churn a bit. So today my journey begins with cleaning out my ‘fridge’ of bad fuel and shopping for new healthier fuel. It’s one small step – but its a big step. So I ask what is your one step today?



About Kelz WorkingOutWright

Older, not always wiser woman looking to train and run in my first 1/2 marathon. My goal is to do it while focusing on WorkingOutWright. Looking for input, feedback, training and nutrional tips to help me reach my goal. Run is 6/2/2013
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