Balance is a Learned Thing – Hard to Maintain – Harder to Regain

Balance a word that has been instilled in us from a very young age. Remember when we were kids one of the first things we were taught about balance was eating a ‘balanced diet’ known as the 4 food groups. As we got older we learned the ‘balance between ‘homework & play time’. Then as we moved into our early teens, a new balance of ‘dating-curfews-schoolwork’ came into the mix. As we progressed into our later teens ta-da, more balance ‘part-time work; school work; dating; and if you were like me, the balance of ‘school and team sports’. Finally success, we graduated and entered the world as young ‘professionals’ making a living, which means keeping food in the house, roofs over our heads, ensuring bills get paid, gas in our vehicles. The balance act is broken down into two simplistic categories known in the industry as ‘work-life’ balance. In laymen’s terms its the separation between Professional and Personal life. Definition would look something like this:


  • ‘Professional’ Standard working hours which typically equate to 9hrs. 
  • ‘Personal’ encompasses the remaining 15hrs give or take sleep time devoted to family, friends and self.

Seems easy to relate to right? Simplistic One can see and understand that there should be balance between the 2. Clear cut easy to follow. Not so much, what ends up happening is work tilts that scale and suddenly BAM – there goes that balance out of whack. 




 For too long I have been struggling to find balance between work and working out. That scale is tilted more towards the work and less towards the working out.  

I recognize the need to regain a healthier work-life balance. What I must do is find a way that will enable me to refocus on the ‘life’ part of that balance. What that means is starting from square one. A healthy me includes getting back to the principles I have outlined on my website: WorkingOutWright



Those 4 principles, along with what that balance needs to be: 

  1. Goal: 
    1. Professional: Focus on roles & responsibilities remembering what can be done in a normal 9hr day.
    2. Personal:  I have the PF Chang’s 1/2 marathon target in June 2013. I need to align more mini races leading up to the target
  2. Training
    1. Professional: add small workouts during work, even if it’s taking stairs instead of elevator or walking around the building a couple times a day.
    2. Personal: Mix it up: add variety to routines, run but add conditioning such as weight training or conditioning classes. 
  3. Nutrition;
    1. Professional: Eat smarter at work, refrain from work food such as candy, pastries and coffee. Take healthy snacks, eat smaller portions throughout the day. 
    2. Personal: Shop wiser, shop smarter. 
  4. Support. 
    1. Professional: Remember it’s about teamwork; shift work to others that have capacity. 
    2. Personal: Blog and Tweet and Post. Obtaining a good and reliable support group. Having support and giving support really helps achieve goals.

As I was reminded the other day by my alumni basketball buddy ‘Kim’ its all about Pacing myself. Slow and steady keeps one on course.  

To quote my dad with whom I love and miss every single day “Kel – Rome wasn’t built in a day, it takes practice to be consistent, it takes commitment to develop and grow and it takes dedication to become complete or whole”.  He was always sure to remind me the completing was always that light at the end of the tunnel. 

So I go into today with the expected obstacles and balancing acts choosing to put my focus on  WorkingOutWright! ~ Journey On!



About Kelz WorkingOutWright

Older, not always wiser woman looking to train and run in my first 1/2 marathon. My goal is to do it while focusing on WorkingOutWright. Looking for input, feedback, training and nutrional tips to help me reach my goal. Run is 6/2/2013
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