Overcoming Obstacles

So it’s been such a long time since I have written any blogs. Sad to say that I have fallen so far from the workout wagon that I struggle to find where and how to regain my focus. Life’s obstacles have throw me way off track. I was doing awesome, then one day in July my world was tossed upside down. My life as I knew it went from good to increasingly bad. Not only did my professional life became a target of many my personal life took a hit as well. Each day that passed I prayed life would turn and the Lord would show me what lesson or lessons I needed to learn. Those that love the Lord know that only in his time will he reveal what he wants us to know. I am pretty sure now that in my professional life I had to learn patience & humility. I had to learn really that some business ethics just don’t equal what my beliefs are and my health should not be impacted. God gave me the wisdom at the end of August to forward my resume to former co-workers at another company. Within 4 days I got called for an interview within a week I was made an offer. Thank the good Lord above because I love my job, as this job really encompasses my strengths in management! I have been here over 3 months & enjoy going to work.
My personal life has been shaken as well. We moved from the comfortable area to a new area not sure of my surroundings trying to get the lay of the land. With the season change and it’s darker longer & very much colder in the AM. I struggle to find the strength to get up each day to run. I have slowed down on my tweeting & Facebook’ing. I feel a dark big black hole growing bigger & bigger in my heart. I want more out of Life, Looking around the world goes merrily on so I say to myself “Today I start a new – I need to start to take back my life! Focus -Focus-focus
Let the blogging begin – let the tweeting continue, lace’em up time to run”!

My focus once again is on “WORKINGOUTWRIGHT”!



About Kelz WorkingOutWright

Older, not always wiser woman looking to train and run in my first 1/2 marathon. My goal is to do it while focusing on WorkingOutWright. Looking for input, feedback, training and nutrional tips to help me reach my goal. Run is 6/2/2013
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