Eye Opening Journey

My life since 2012, when my dad passed, took me on a downward spiral for my own health. I became a huge hypochondriac thinking that if he passed, that means I must be next.. Let’s face it, I’m not getting younger, so that has to be true. I stopped running, I ate horribly and everything I read or saw on tv was something I must have. Years passed and the next thing I realized is I gained almost 70 pounds. This year and at my last blood test my HC1 came back well over 6. When my doctor said she wanted me to come back and check for diabetes, I thought to myself this just got real. Now that I own my cabin in the mountains far away from the temptations of fast food, I said I need to lose weight. So I started following a mix of the South Beach and Diabetic diet plans. I am choosing to not say I’m dieting, but changing how I live my life which includes removing foods that include breads, flour, soda etc. May 1st or as I call it my “Eye Opening Journey” I began my new way of living by eating a high protein low carb menu. I also have began working out again. Because I have so much weight on me, I am choosing to focus on walking with including some jogging. I needed something that would help me track my workouts, did research and determined the following apps were the best for me. The apps track miles, including pace per miles as well as calories burned, and steps.

• MapMyWalk

• MapMyRun

For tracking / journaling my food intake I use MyFitnessPal. This App syncs with both MapMy… apps and auto calculates my protein and carb needs based on calories burned during my fitness activities. So far I have been able to search just about any type of food including those specific brands sole at supermarkets or even Schwann’s food delivery.

• MyFitnessPal

Some of my Healthy Menu Items consist of:

• Red/Green Bell Peppers

• Broccoli

• Cauliflower

• Chicken

• Pork

• Fish

• Olive Oil

• Red wine vinegar

• Gold Standaed Whey Protein Powder Mix

• Strawberries

• Cherries

• Raisins

I work hard to get 3 to 4 miles of walking in a day, and spend more time cooking in doing so I have lost 26 pounds since May 8th.

I still have a long way to go, but my focus is always on WorkingOutWright.


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Holidays Please No Flash Photography 

The holiday season is here and I’m sure I’m not alone in the world when it comes to being over weight and not wanting to be in or partake in any picture taking. The thought of having to go out or over to someone’s home throws the mind into panick attack mode. Knowing full well that everyone will be taking pictures and the primary objective will be howto go to the back or maneuver behind people to hide feeling ashamed and embarrassed of being the fat person in the picture.  Sensing people are or will be watching to see what is or will be eaten. Some may want to over advice or suggest gyms or fitness activities they do feeling they in some way are telling you something not already known. 

 Please know most people such as myself understand the answer to losing weight,  trimming and toning our bodies comes from exercise and healthier eating. Most of us probably are doing just that. So I ask that instead of pushing us to be in the pictures or staring, whispering & offering up advice we know, please respect us when we politely ask of you we prefer not to be in the photos. Hence Please No Flash Photography of any kind. 

Happy Holidays ~ Merry Christmas 🌲😎


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Every Journey Starts with One Step

Happy Sunny Saturday!  I woke this morning with an epiphany ~ every journey we decide to take starts with one step. That one step can be anything. Amazing to think isn’t it?.. Today my one step is mindset. Out with the toxic combination that has been fueling my body and mind. What does that mean, this morning I opened my refrigerator looking for something to have for breakfast and as I perused thru the variety of choices I realized the healthy choice options I had were so very scarce. Enter an AHA moment.. WOW no wonder my energy level is low, reading thru the content of each item really made my stomach churn a bit. So today my journey begins with cleaning out my ‘fridge’ of bad fuel and shopping for new healthier fuel. It’s one small step – but its a big step. So I ask what is your one step today?


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New Year New Goals

I know I am a bit late in starting this post. As the New Year New Goals should have come January 1st, but as my dad used to tell me better late than never.

One way to focus on a healthier lifestyle and losing weight is setting a goal that has a start and and end date. This year my start date is February 8th and my end date is October 1st. Goal is a bucket list item – visit the big apple something I have always wanted to do but never had someone to go make that happen. I am traveling to New York with an old friend, we go way back to elementary school. DRe and I are starting to plan our trip – the what we want to do, things we want to see. This gives me a goal to shoot to lose 50 pounds. I am trying to keep it realistic 10 pounds a month. 10 pounds a month is healthy. So I will be tracking meals and exercise.

Keeping it real this will be the toughest weightless challenge I will have ever tackled. I am at my heaviest, I do have some health issues because of the weight. I will track what I like to call my spaghetti western “Good, Bad and Ugly”.

I am on twitter @workinoutwright

It’s the attitude that accomplishes vicetries” ~

Life is a Journey~ JourneyOn!

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Balance is a Learned Thing – Hard to Maintain – Harder to Regain

Balance a word that has been instilled in us from a very young age. Remember when we were kids one of the first things we were taught about balance was eating a ‘balanced diet’ known as the 4 food groups. As we got older we learned the ‘balance between ‘homework & play time’. Then as we moved into our early teens, a new balance of ‘dating-curfews-schoolwork’ came into the mix. As we progressed into our later teens ta-da, more balance ‘part-time work; school work; dating; and if you were like me, the balance of ‘school and team sports’. Finally success, we graduated and entered the world as young ‘professionals’ making a living, which means keeping food in the house, roofs over our heads, ensuring bills get paid, gas in our vehicles. The balance act is broken down into two simplistic categories known in the industry as ‘work-life’ balance. In laymen’s terms its the separation between Professional and Personal life. Definition would look something like this:


  • ‘Professional’ Standard working hours which typically equate to 9hrs. 
  • ‘Personal’ encompasses the remaining 15hrs give or take sleep time devoted to family, friends and self.

Seems easy to relate to right? Simplistic One can see and understand that there should be balance between the 2. Clear cut easy to follow. Not so much, what ends up happening is work tilts that scale and suddenly BAM – there goes that balance out of whack. 




 For too long I have been struggling to find balance between work and working out. That scale is tilted more towards the work and less towards the working out.  

I recognize the need to regain a healthier work-life balance. What I must do is find a way that will enable me to refocus on the ‘life’ part of that balance. What that means is starting from square one. A healthy me includes getting back to the principles I have outlined on my website: WorkingOutWright



Those 4 principles, along with what that balance needs to be: 

  1. Goal: 
    1. Professional: Focus on roles & responsibilities remembering what can be done in a normal 9hr day.
    2. Personal:  I have the PF Chang’s 1/2 marathon target in June 2013. I need to align more mini races leading up to the target
  2. Training
    1. Professional: add small workouts during work, even if it’s taking stairs instead of elevator or walking around the building a couple times a day.
    2. Personal: Mix it up: add variety to routines, run but add conditioning such as weight training or conditioning classes. 
  3. Nutrition;
    1. Professional: Eat smarter at work, refrain from work food such as candy, pastries and coffee. Take healthy snacks, eat smaller portions throughout the day. 
    2. Personal: Shop wiser, shop smarter. 
  4. Support. 
    1. Professional: Remember it’s about teamwork; shift work to others that have capacity. 
    2. Personal: Blog and Tweet and Post. Obtaining a good and reliable support group. Having support and giving support really helps achieve goals.

As I was reminded the other day by my alumni basketball buddy ‘Kim’ its all about Pacing myself. Slow and steady keeps one on course.  

To quote my dad with whom I love and miss every single day “Kel – Rome wasn’t built in a day, it takes practice to be consistent, it takes commitment to develop and grow and it takes dedication to become complete or whole”.  He was always sure to remind me the completing was always that light at the end of the tunnel. 

So I go into today with the expected obstacles and balancing acts choosing to put my focus on  WorkingOutWright! ~ Journey On!


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Commited and Ready to Go

I am commited – truly commited to take back control of my life. Today as I lie here battling the stomach flu I look in the mirror and know that my life has to change.  It is change that will make me a better, healthier and happier person.  The choice I am making is putting whats important first and that is ME! The past 3 years life has certainly thrown me my share of curveballs, be it my own health or the health of my family members.  I have seen the loss of my own dad right infront of my eyes that has awoken me to realizing that life is too short and to make the best of who I am with what I can.  For a couple years now I have been saying to friends and family that I want to run 1/2 marathon. Well I did it, I paid for the 1/2 marathon that will take place June 2013.  That makes me fully committed to not only completing it, but getting my health and fitness goals on track.

First step of course is to get out there and run. Step one is in progress. Step 2:Finding the right training program that not only gets me started but keeps me motivated to reach my goal. Last, but certainly not least is to find a healthy choice of living that allows me to eat healthier and get an understanding what I can or should be eatting at home and when I am traveling to visit family and friends in other states.  Nutrionally I have gone through all Yo-Yo;trending, fad diets. I need to learn how to cook and eat healthy that will reflect outwardly and also allow my husband and friends to learn to be healthier and happier.

I will blog my progress with the hopes of sharing all my successes as well as challanges; ups and downs. I know the road to June isn’t going to be easy, if I can help someone or be a support for just one person then the journey will be successful!!!

Here I go – 1/2 Marathon here I come my commitment is always on focusing on WorkingOutWright ~ Journey On!!



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Overcoming Obstacles

So it’s been such a long time since I have written any blogs. Sad to say that I have fallen so far from the workout wagon that I struggle to find where and how to regain my focus. Life’s obstacles have throw me way off track. I was doing awesome, then one day in July my world was tossed upside down. My life as I knew it went from good to increasingly bad. Not only did my professional life became a target of many my personal life took a hit as well. Each day that passed I prayed life would turn and the Lord would show me what lesson or lessons I needed to learn. Those that love the Lord know that only in his time will he reveal what he wants us to know. I am pretty sure now that in my professional life I had to learn patience & humility. I had to learn really that some business ethics just don’t equal what my beliefs are and my health should not be impacted. God gave me the wisdom at the end of August to forward my resume to former co-workers at another company. Within 4 days I got called for an interview within a week I was made an offer. Thank the good Lord above because I love my job, as this job really encompasses my strengths in management! I have been here over 3 months & enjoy going to work.
My personal life has been shaken as well. We moved from the comfortable area to a new area not sure of my surroundings trying to get the lay of the land. With the season change and it’s darker longer & very much colder in the AM. I struggle to find the strength to get up each day to run. I have slowed down on my tweeting & Facebook’ing. I feel a dark big black hole growing bigger & bigger in my heart. I want more out of Life, Looking around the world goes merrily on so I say to myself “Today I start a new – I need to start to take back my life! Focus -Focus-focus
Let the blogging begin – let the tweeting continue, lace’em up time to run”!

My focus once again is on “WORKINGOUTWRIGHT”!


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